How It Works

Our amazing product is simple, real simple. mycloudPBX is just like using a normal phone line with one major difference – how the actual call gets through to your telephone line. Rather than using the highly priced often unstable telephone company’s infrastructure, VoIP directs your calls straight to your phone by using your high speed internet connection.

So using your phone is just like normal, you will hear a dial tone, dial your numbers and make your call and hanging up when you’re done. The only major change is that you no longer need to pay crippling bills.

Start saving today!

Receiving Calls

  • Callers dial your phone number or directly to an extension
  • Callers are greeted by a custom auto-attendant
  • Virtual PBX manages call routing through your company
  • Employees can work anywhere
  • Voice mail can be left on an extension and sent to a mail address

Making Calls

  • Just pick up the VoIP phone and dial
  • No long-distance or inter branch charges
  • Direct dial extension-to-extension anywhere in South Africa

Control your Business Call Costs
with mycloudPBX

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