mycloudPBX FAQ

1. Extension Registration Password is used to register SIP terminals to Yeastar Cloud PBX. Users can check the Registration Password in the email that is sent from the system administrator.

2. Linkus Login Password and the PBX Login Password are the same. Users should log in Linkus or Yeastar Cloud PBX Web User Portal by User Password. After the users receive emails from the administrator, they need to reset the password in 24 hours, or the password reset link will expire.

Go to mycloudPBX Web interface and log in with your email address and login password. If you don’t know the login link, please consult your mycloudPBX administrator.

Go to mycloudPBX Web User Portal and click “Forgot Password?” to recover your password.

Users have no permission to change the extension registration password. If a user forgets the registration password, he/she can go to the administrator for help. The administrator can send an email to him to check the password.

Users can modify the password either via Linkus Mobile Client or Yeastar Cloud PBX Web User Portal.

Via Linkus Mobile Client:

  1. Log in Linkus client
  2. Go to Me-> Settings-> Password Management
  3. Enter the old password and set the new password

Via Web User Portal:

  1. Log in the PBX Web interface
  2. Go to Me-> Password Settings
  3. Enter the old password and set the new password

Linkus Mobile Client supports QR code scan and login. Users can get the login QR code in the Web User Portal.

  1. Log in Yeastar Cloud PBX Web User Portal with user’s email address and login password
  2. Go to “Me” settings and scan the QR code with Linkus App.

Yes. mycloudPBX can be integrated with Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX, as well as many other VoIP devices.

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